PLDS has distributed 115 cows and 50 goats to the destitute poor in three different precincts of three districts of Bangladesh under a flagship programs. The recipient families of these livestock will, over time, reap sustainable benefits from rearing these animals.You may assist us in the following projects.PLDS provides 3 types of livestock assistances. These are:

SL NOName of districtNumber of livestockNumber of familesTotal number of beneficiariesCost in usd $

1. POULTRY: You can Sponsor A Family for US $35.00

We provide 8-10 ducks or chickens to each recipient family, Which provides them with nutrient rich eggs all year long. They often sell the hatched ducklings or chicks in the local market for extra income.

2. GOAT: You can Sponsor A Family for US $80.00

We purchase a goat with one or two offspring for each recipient family. The goats provide healthy milk, cheese & yogurt for them. An adult female goat can produce up to 8 cups of milk per day. The beneficiaries often sell extra milk in open market for extra income.

Goats are hardy animals, and they require minimal cost and care for rearing. They also reproduce several times a year. Goat meat sells at a good price as well as the goat hide. With starter goat a family can break the cycle of extreme poverty and become financially sustainable in a relatively short time.

3.CATTLE: You can Sponsor A Family for US $200.00

A cow can supply a family with fresh milk, cheese, farming help and fertilizer and income for years. They can produce up to 12,000 glasses of milk, rich in protein, calcium and other nutrients over its productive life.

The family can sell the offspring in the market for meat and hide. PLDS has ongoing projects of donating cows to destitute families in remote villages of Bangladesh.