PLDS Computer Training has been started in the year 2015. That year we had run one year Diploma course on Computer. 75 students had been graduated that year. Later on we considered  the course in a quarter way so that we can offer them more strategic development within a short period of time.

PLDS always concerns about the skill. Because PLDS believes if Human Capability is developed, Poverty alleviation mission would be successful.

Till 2018, 410 students have been trained by us and 287 students are successfully working in various organization.  PLDS always looks forward to enhance the skill of unemployed and students of different levels so that they can make themselves self-reliant by involving with any business or by entering into job field. This is our pride that we regularly support our students to build their quality even after successfully completing the main course, they have an opportunity to do internship with us. From our donors, we have received $10,000 USD for the purpose of this project by which we set up a modern computer lab and classrooms to train our students in a standard way. We have an aim in near future to run an IT firm where these students will be appointed as per their qualities


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