Who We Are

PLDS was founded in 2009, a non-profit, charitable organization registered by US Federal Government, USA. In Bangladesh, PLDS received approval and registration from NGO Affairs Bureau under Prime Ministry Office, People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

What We Do

Pally Life Development Society has been working diligently and steadfastly in remote rural villages of Bangladesh to alleviate poverty and to end the cycle of poverty that passes from generation to generation. Pally Life Development Society is pleased to have furthered our vision and mission goals in coming years.

Where We Work

PLDS’s geographical coverage is influenced by peoples’ needs and by gaps in services provided by others.
Presently PLDS Skill Development and Livelihood Development Programs are running in two Upazillas of two Districts and covering approximately 10,000 people.


Bangladesh is a small, impoverished South-East Asian nation of 160 million. Thousands of remote villages of Bangladesh are plagued with poverty, malnutrition and illiteracy. The population in Bangladesh is predominantly rural, with almost 80 percent of the population living in rural areas. Many people live in remote areas that lack services such as education. health clinics, and adequate roads, particularly road links to markets. About one-third population in rural areas lives below the poverty line. They suffer from persistent food malnutrition, own no land and assets, are often uneducated and may also suffer serious illnesses or disabilities. Another group of the rural population is considered moderately poor. Though they may own a small plot of land and some livestock and generally have enough to eat, their diets lack nutritional value. As a result of health problems or natural disasters, they are at risk of sliding deeper into poverty. Women are among the poorest of the rural poor, especially when they are the sole heads of their households. They suffer from discrimination and have few earning opportunities, and their nutritional intake is often inadequate.